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event date author title of presentation slides
BCCN 2009 Student Symposium external 3/10/2009 Máté Lengyel Episodic memories: why and how? pdfpdfpdf
CEU 2009 'Memory and Mind' external 22-26/06/2009 Máté Lengyel Uncertainty and Bayesian inference pdf
Principles of learning pdf
Structural learning pdfpdf
Working memory and episodic memory pdf
Neural bases of inference and learning pdf
Note: these files have been prepared such that they are best viewed as a slide show, each page being a stage of a slide.


event date author title of presentation slides
COSYNE 2016 external 26/2/2016 Daniel McNamee, Daniel Wolpert, Máté Lengyel Efficient state-space modularization: theory, behavioral and neural signatures pdf
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