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See my google scholar page for more information. Code and other resources are available here.

Journal Publications

  • M. Afzal, H. Y. Mussa, R. E. Turner, A. Bender, R. C. Glen. (2015) A Multi-label Approach to Target Prediction Taking Ligand Promiscuity into Account, Journal of Cheminformatics, 7(24) 1-14.

  • M. Henniges, R. E. Turner, M. Sahani, J. Eggert, and J. Lucke. (2014) Efficient Occlusive Components, Journal of Machine Learning Research, 15(Aug): 2689−2722.

  • V. Leong, M. A. Stone, R. E. Turner, and U. Goswami. (2014) A role for amplitude modulation phase relationships in speech rhythm perception, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 136 (1), 366-381.

  • H. Christensen, R. E. Turner, S. Hill and S. Godsill. (2013) Rebuilding The Limit Order Book: Sequential Bayesian Inference on Hidden States, Quantitative Finance, 13 (11), 1779-1799.

Refereed Conference Publications


Book chapters

Unrefereed Conference Publications

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