Summer Schools

This summer (2010) I will be teaching at

Beliefs and Decisions: of Minds and Machines
CEU Summer University
5-9 July 2010, Budapest, Hungary

Computational and Cognitive Neurobiology CSHL-Asia Summer School
Suzhou, China July 2010

In 2009 I taught at the Okinawa Computational Neuroscience Course 2009. Handout

Engineering Tripos

IB Paper 8 : Engineering for Life Sciences Elective (3 lectures): see EfLS website

3G3 : Introduction to Neuroscience (module leader +8 lectures): see EfLS website

4G3 : Computational Neuroscience (2 lectures) : see EfLS website

4th year projects : see COMET

Natural Sciences Tripos

IB Neurobiology (3 lectures) Sensorimotor Integration

Part II Neuroscience/PDN/BBS:
N6 Central mechanisms of sensation and behaviour (4 lectures)
Computational Motor Control
Videos of talks (password required)
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